Pull Design Studio was created to remove technical and presentation work from a designers workflow, freeing up time to seek, procure and nurture clients while focusing on and enabling a designers creative vision.  After all, a designer's network is the key to a successful flow of new and repeat client projects that enable a designer's desired lifestyle.


At Pull, we take a designer's vision and create functional renders, elevations construction sets and presentation materials, enabling designers to compete against other architecture, design and building contractor firms and sell your vision to secure bids and client buy-in with an amazing success rate.  We brand all materials with your brand leaving no evidence of Pull's involvement in your success and elevating your brand to the next level.

In today's world with the rise of tech savvy Millenials, the designer's workflow has expanded with more extensive technical work to accommodate the expectations of a new generation of clients. 

So what are you waiting for? Restore your life to career balance without sacrificing your business, network, family or self interests and a path to achieving your desired lifestyle. Let's start a relationship today!

Yeng Lukanen is an interior designer with a B.S. in Architectural Interiors and seven years of experience collaborating with small and large Commercial and Residential projects with architectural firms, independent designers and contractors.  Yeng has experience and added interest working with hospitality, aging population & disabilities (ADA) as well as places of worship.

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